2007: The Year of 80’s Reunions?

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I’ve recently come across two news items that are making claims about two major reunions for 1980’s power house bands. I’ve been hearing rumors about one of them now for over a year and have just started hearing rumors about the other one in the last month or two.

The first one is the long-awaited and much talked-about Van Halen reunion. According to the latest rumors, David Lee Roth has rehearsed recently with Eddie Van Halen and despite their past problems getting along, reportedly got along just great this time.

Apparently, original bassist Michael Anthony will not be part of the reunion and has been replaced by Van Halen’s son Wolfgang.

There’s talk of a 40-date summer tour with Live Nation, which the new Van Halen is supposed to be close to signing on to.

The second big reunion concerns the well-known trio who were known as The Police. I can remember a time back in the 1980’s when it was virtually impossible to turn on any rock radio station for 10 minutes and not hear their mega-hit “Every breath you take.”

Although I was never a huge fan of The Police, I always liked most of their stuff and thought they were a good, solid rock band with a unique sound.

There are numerous reports that the members of the band have been seen hanging around with each other lately, adding to the rumors that are swirling about.

The trio is supposedly rehearsing somewhere in Canada currently and there are rumors that they will perform at the Grammys on February 11 and announce a tour schedule shortly thereafter.

Should be an interesting year for reunions and I’d love to hear some similar stories regarding Foreigner (with Lou Gramm!) and Max Webster (yeah, dream on!).

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