A Few Minutes With Aerosmith

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Steven Tyler is anxious to hit the road. According to recent comments he made to Entertainment Tonight, the Aerosmith frontman says that the group just “doesn’t get out and rock enough.” And that’s something that is about to change, as the group prepares for a North American tour that kicks off in mid-June and closes during mid-September.

What can fan expect from Aerosmith on tour this summer? Drummer Joey Kramer says, “I think they can expect probably the best Aerosmith show that they’ve seen yet.” Both Tyler and Kramer sound enthusiastic about the tour Aerosmith and they certainly sound like a couple of guys that are planning to keep rocking as long as their bodies allow them to.

Kramer also adds a little insight into how the group has managed to keep rocking together for some four decades. He reveals the secret as “being lucky enough to love what you do,” and goes on to talk about how the entire group simply loves being on stage performing for a live audience.

When the subject of British singing sensation Susan Boyle was brought up, both Tyler and Kramer didn’t have anything negative to say, and suggested that she stay true to herself and reject the idea of a makeover.

ET also spent some time visiting with guitarist Joe Perry inside his home studio, where the group recorded Just Push Play and Honkin’ on Bobo, and is apparently working on their forthcoming new album. Perry guides the camera crew through a brief tour of the studio, an area of his home where he admits that he spends the majority of his time.

Perry also shows off a couple of custom guitars, one that he was shown holding on the inside cover of the Bootleg Album and another that was fashioned after a 1894 Winchester rifle that sported some distinctly Native American customizations, and is described by Perry as a “fabulous sounding guitar.”

Perry echoes much of what Tyler and Kramer say regarding life on the road, and even evokes memories of their early days playing Boston-area venues like Revere Beach. After four decades, questions the group gets about getting tired of playing the same songs over and over are answered easily by Perry.

“It’s not about us playing it. It’s about the audience hearing it,” he says.

To see the video feature in its entirety, head on over to ET Online.

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