A Visit To Def Leppard’s Sparkle Lounge

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An obvious question that comes to mind with regard to Def Leppard’s new album is, what is a Sparkle Lounge? The group’s frontman, Joe Elliott describes it as “a special room with recording equipment set up def-leppard-06 backstage at each of the group’s 2007 shows.”

He goes on to say that, “the crew started having a bit of fun with it, putting in sparkly lights, candles, incense — you name it. It turned into this very atmospheric little work space.”

That little room, The Sparkle Lounge, was the birthplace for the material that makes up the album that honors that special place with the name: Tales From The Sparkle Lounge.

In a recent interview, Elliot takes some time to talk about the new album and answers some questions about how the band managed to write an album while on the road. He is also asked about the involvement of country singer Tim McGraw and the rumors that suggest Def Leppard is going country.

For the entire interview, see the Reuters website.

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