AC/DC A Threat To Austrian Wildlife?

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Known as one of the hardest-rocking classic acts to ever grace the stage, AC/DC sure knows how to play it loud. That’s what their fans pay to see, and that’s what they get. I mean, what would be the point of playing a track like “Highway To Hell” or “Hell’s Bell’s” at any setting below eight?

Despite the fans and their obvious love for the Aussie rockers’ thunderous sound, it appears that there may be trouble ahead for fans who have plans to attend the show at the Wels airport in May. The Wels Airport is in Austria, and is said by conservationists to be too close to the nesting areas of a bird known as a curlew. In fact, the area is said to be thebirds second largest curlew nesting area in Upper Austria.

Not surprisingly, the Wels airport show is already sold out, and there are bound to be a significant number of ticket-holders who are not pleased about the possibility of a cancellation.

According to Hans Uhl who is affiliated with a group known as BirdLife, they will take their efforts to halt the concert to the courts if they feel it is necessary. The group believes that the concert will disturb the nesting curlews, as well as other ground-nesting birds species in the area.

“The second biggest colony of curlews in Upper Austria and various other ground-nesting birds must not become endangered,” Uhl is quoted as saying.

We are normally accustomed to warnings about loud music being detrimental to the hearing of human beings who like to crank it up, but this is the first time I can recall hearing that raucous rock and roll may be a danger to wildlife, and even cause them to become endangered.

It appears that the ball is now in AC/DC’s court. Will they decide to cancel the show, or flip BirdLife “the bird” and  fight it out in the courts with the conservationists?

Originally seen in the Daily Telegraph.

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