AC/DC Show Not A Cheap Night Out For New Zealand Fans

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AC/DC fans in New Zealand who plan to attend the show at Westpac Stadium in January may have been a little surprised to learn that the general admission tickets are going for $160 a pop. For those of us that remember live shows from the 70’s, that’s a pretty scary number, but like everything else over the years, the price one must pay to see a live show from a group as popular as AC/DC has risen sharply.

The band’s promoter does offer an explanation for the high prices, citing the sheer magnitude of the show that the group puts on for their fans.

According to Garry Van Egmond, the show involves moving 48 semi-trailers to the stadium via train and will require about 120 people to get it all set up. Add another 380 people that will be added to the payroll for the night of the show and you start to get the idea that it costs a lot of money just to get those guys on the stage.

Not every fan is complaining however. Darrell Burton, who happens to be the lead singer in an AC/DC tribute band says he understand why ticket prices have to be so high. “They are used to playing to crowds of 100,000, therefore the dollar value has to match the production value,” he says.

There are probably as many opinions concerning ticket prices as there are people planning to attend the show, but at least one fan seems to think it’s a fair price to pay to see the legendary rockers live.

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