AC/DC Show Too Loud For Some Munich Area Residents

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I think every AC/DC fan would agree that the group’s music is the kind of music that is meant to be played loud. It’s hard to imagine playing a song like “Highway to Hell” or “Back In Black” with the volume set anywhere south of 8. Unfortunately for some residents around Munich who are obviously not fans of the Australian rockers, the group held true to their standard of playing loud for their dedicated fans.

AC/DC rocked the Olympiastadium in Munich on May 15th, and apparently rocked a good number of local residents in their own homes at the same time. It has been reported that over 100 noise complaints were called in to local authorities from residents who claimed that the concert was violating local noise ordinances.

Although hard to imagine, some residents who called in complaints were said to be approximately 12 miles from the stadium. Now that’s what I call rocking Munich!

Even with 70,000 fans packed into the stadium for the show, police report that there were no significant problems with the assembled crowd. A total of four people were arrested for attempting to gain entry to the stadium with fake tickets, but no other problems were reported.

AC/DC does have a reputation for being one of the loudest bands in the world, having driven the decibel level up to an impressive 132 on occasion.

Although a fair number of local residents were not happy about AC/DC’s stop in Munich, it’s interesting to note that Germany’s Economy Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg attended the show along with his wife. The 37-year-old says he has been an AC/DC fan since he was a teenager.

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