AC/DC Single Now Online

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AC/DC fans can get a bit of a preview of the group’s forthcoming album, Black Ice, by visiting the AC/DC website and listening to "Rock ‘N’ Roll Train," a track from the album.

AC/DC Rock N Roll Train The track was made available on the band’s website on August 28, and a new video can be expected next month.

Black Ice, the band’s first studio album in eight years, will be released on October 20th.

Black Ice features 15 new tracks from brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd. The album was produced by Brendan O’Brien.

Black Ice is currently available for pre-order at and

Eight years is a long time for fans to wait for a new album, but certainlu not a record amount of time, when you consider the recent news that Guns N’ Roses may be on the verge of releasing a new album that has been delayed for 14 years.

Check out to listen to the new track. To me it sounds like classic AC/DC, and I suspect that is good news for fans eager to get their hands on the new album.

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