Aerosmith Books Studio Time For New Album Work

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studio Aerosmith is scheduled to start their studio work on November 1. Their hope is to come out the other end with a new album.

Although their plans sound a bit incomplete, Joe Perry reports that himself and Steve Tyler have “bits and pieces” which they hope they can expand upon for the new material. As long as these guys have been doing this, I suspect they will be able to come up with the goods.

Perry reports that the band is very excited about Rick Rubin’s new role in the “captain’s chair” at Sony music. Perry goes on to say that Rubin’s “heart’s in the right place when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll,” and they report that he will be involved in the new album in some capacity, although it may not be in a hands-on sense.

As A side note, Aerosmith is also working with the makers of “Guitar Hero” on the new “Guitar Hero IV,” which will be dedicated to the legendary rockers.

I personally have no experience with “Guitar Hero” but I’ve heard a lot about it. More, in fact, than any other game I can recall hearing anything about for quite some time.

I’m not into games and don’t pay much attention to them, so if I have heard a lot about “Guitar Hero,” it must be pretty popular. There must be one hell of a lot of air guitarists out there.

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