Aerosmith Rocks Oahu’s Blaisdell

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Earlier speculation regarding the potential discomfort that might result from basically being forced to put on a show for fans in Hawaii may have been off the mark. According to the Honolulu Advertiser, Aerosmith fell easily back into their live routine without missing a beat.

Talk of a rift between frontman Steven Tyler and the rest of the group had led to rumors that the band was headed for a break-up. Guitarist Joe Perry has been seen as Tyler’s most vocal critic, hinting in a recent Billboard interview  that the 61-year-old singer need to “get together,” which we can probably safely assume is synonymous with “get his act together.”

“If there was any discomfort between the two, or any of the band, it didn’t show on stage or in the music,” according to the paper. After decades playing together the group may well have the ability to successfully hide signs of any bad blood within the ranks, but on the other hand, maybe they have buried the hatchet and decided to move on. We all have our moments, and in it’s probably not the first time a bit of in-fighting has erupted within the group. Most of us forgive, forget and get on with life.

With regard to getting his act together, that’s exactly what Tyler did. At least for the show at the Blaisdell Arena Sunday night where he was reported to be in great form. It’s been a little over two months since Tyler had a nasty fall off the stage during a show at the Sturgis motorcycle rally and has either healed quite well or has the ability to please a crowd even while suffering from pain or other lingering complications.

Tyler seemed to make a special effort to show that he and Perry were still on good terms by taking “every opportunity to sidle up next to Perry, his longtime bandmate and friend who has openly criticized him for his continued rock-star lifestyle, and declared he ‘loved’ the guys in the band.”

Overall, the first of the two shows scheduled sounded as if it could not have gone any better. The group was reported  to be enjoying the show as much as the fans were. If that reflects the true feelings experienced by the guys on stage, it certainly sounds like a promising development where the future of Aerosmith is concerned.

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