Aerosmith Tour Continues Despite Another Close Call

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The legendary rock and roll band, Aerosmith, seems to have created quite the buzz over the last year or so as rumors spread about upcoming shows and tours, as well as Steven Tyler’s loyalty to the band. The band had a fallout with lead singer Tyler, forcing him to take a short hiatus from the band.

During Tyler’s absence Joe Perry, lead guitarist, knew it wouldn’t be long until the iconic songwriter would return. Despite this knowledge, he was seriously considering a new singer to honor commitments to shows the band had booked for 2010.

When an outcry from the fans occurred, Perry reassured his fan base that if they did recruit a new singer, that it would only be temporary for jamming sessions and the upcoming shows. With some fans in arms about the situation, many claimed it would not be Aerosmith. Perry retaliated with the following statement: “ Well, no s***. You don’t have to tell me that. But who knows what could have come of it?”

Tyler eventually returned after some time spent in rehab for a painkiller addiction. He also made a statement regarding the feud that the band suffered through: “It was a real trying time for me. We (Perry and I) didn’t speak to each other for a while… and Joe just decided to look for another singer. I don’t know what he was thinking, but we’ve since made amends to each other and, more importantly, the band’s playing better.”

Perry recently bragged about the new energy the band has since reconnecting with Tyler, but there have been rumors circulating that he is getting ready to retire, just as they begin their 2010 tour. Perry claims he’s seen everything there is to see in the rock and roll world, and he’s finally growing tired of the life style. This statement reveals his feelings about his rock and roll life: “There are times I just want to get the f*** out of this because I’ve done it all. I’ve been going long enough to prove what I wanted to prove, to get the girl I wanted to get, to make the money I wanted to make, to drink all the beer I wanted to drink.” This statement may suggest that the guitarist is satisfied with his career and has fulfilled all his personal needs and desires, which is more than a lot of us can say.

Aerosmith has been through it all, enduring more than its fair share of trials and tribulations, and perhaps destiny is trying to get them to hang up the towel after Perry’s recent motorcycle mishap.

Perry was riding his new Ducati near his home in Massachusetts when a motorist behind the wheel of a sedan rear-ended the bike at 30-35 MPH and Perry ended up on the pavement with a severely damaged bike. Miraculously, Perry was mostly unharmed but was checked out at a local hospital as a precaution. He considers himself really lucky after not sustaining any serious injuries. The driver was charged with following too close, which may not be surprising to anyone who has spent any time driving in Massachusetts.

Despite their ups and downs, the rockers live on and have brought their “Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock” tour to North America, starting it off with a show in Oakland, CA Friday night.

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