Ann Wilson Goes Solo

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Heart has been one of my favorites since back in the seventies when I first heard them. Dreamboat Annie is a timeless classic album that I will probably be listening to until my dying day.

It seems like it has been a hell of a long time since we heard anything new from the Wilson sisters but that is ready to change.

Ann Wilson is in the studio working in her first solo album. Sister Nancy is not totally left out of the project since she will be playing some guitar in the album.

Ann is working with Grammy-winning Canadian producer Ben Mink, who also performs on the album by contributing his talents on violin, guitar and keyboards.

The album is described as something that’s not the same old rock ‘n roll for Ann Wilson and in her sister’s words, even “cerebral, sort of restrained and extremely musical.”

It’s hard for me to imagine Ann doing something other than fronting the hard-rocking Heart, but I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of this effort. I’ve always loved her voice and I figure she’s someone that would have to work pretty hard at sounding lousy to actually sound lousy.

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