Back In The Saddle Again

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Anyone who has visited this site a few times is probably damn sick of hearing me say it: “The site is taking on a new direction.” “I will be adding some cool new features.” “I’m going to update it more regularly.”

Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I know, same old story.

Well, I decided to blow a little dust off this old site and clean up some of the mess. The RSS feeds were all screwed up — the old “Atom”-style feed was still working but the new 2.0 feeds were not. Some code on the bottom of some pages was producing some stupid error, and — not surprisingly — a new post had not been made in about 3 month or so.

Well, the RSS feeds have been fixed (try and the stupid error has been fixed as well. And yes, I have even posted a few new items.

Once again I am going to put the broken record back on the old turntable (remember those?) and tell you that I am going to make an effort to update the site more often. In fact, I am shooting for at least twice a week! Pretty ambitious for a dead-beat like me, huh?

The difference this time is that I am actually going to create a schedule. As anyone who runs a few web sites will know, this business often has you going in a hundred different directions at once, and as much as a hate saying something that sounds like a cliche from the corporate world (gak!), “Time Management” is the only hope for me at this point.

My “Time Management” will be about as simple as it gets. A simple weekly schedule that tells me what I need to do for each day of the week. You know, like: “Monday: Add new content to”

That’s about it for now. Let’s see how it goes!

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