Bo Bice Rocks On

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It was the first season that finally hooked me on American Idol. Being a bit of a contrarian by nature, I often have a tendency to reject things that I consider too popular. I am not quite sure what made my wife and myself sit down and decide to tune in one evening, but the result has been that we have been hooked ever since.

Beyond the all-too-typical “how in hell could that person ever imagined they could sing, and whoever told them they could?” of the early audition shows of every season, there are some genuinely good performers who show up on that show.

Bo Bice was one of those performers. Not only was he one of only two rockers to make it into the finals, he was one hell of a performer and took to the stage as if he has been doing it for 20 years.

With one year to go before his planned “retirement” from the music biz, Bice got lucky and hit the big time as the runner up on American Idol and hasn’t slowed down since.

An article in The Cleveland Plain Dealer take a look at Bice, his background and how got to where he is now.

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