Bon Jovi No Longer Worried About Success

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We’ve been hearing some news about Jon Bon Jovi recently, including rumors about the rocker’s interest in New Jersey politics.

The latest from Bon Jovi concerns some recent comments he made regarding his feelings about success in the music business.

Taking to, Bon Jovi said, “It’s not about having to image prove anything any more. I think we feel that less and less with each album – we know what we have achieved.”

Although Bon Jovi the band is not as popular as they once were, they seem to be attracting enough attention from fans to keep touring and that seems to be enough to keep them satisfied.

No longer worried much about the success of new albums, Bon Jovi is more concerned with experimentation and the growth that he feels will come to the group as a result.

In another statement that hints that he may be a little bit concerned about becoming just another oldies act, Bon Jovi says, “It’s important we experiment. Without experimentation there wouldn’t be growth, and you risk becoming something of a nostalgia act, trying to repeat past successes.”

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