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October 16, 2013

Bon Jovi Surprises Super-Fan at Vegas Wedding

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Jon Bon Jovi is making headlines not for his band’s music nor for the recent issues with now ex-lead guitarist Richie Sambora. Instead, it was an incredible act of kindness on the 51-year-old Jersey native’s part that put him back in the news.

This past Saturday, Oct. 12, Bon Jovi took a trip out to Las Vegas to deliver a well-intentioned shot to the heart of super-fan Branka Delic, a 34-year-old Australian woman who was in Sin City to wed fiancé Gonzalo Cladera. If you’re wondering how and why he ended up at her wedding, it turns out that she caught Bon Jovi’s attention through the use of social media and a website created solely for this purpose. Jon Bon Jovi

Delic’s site features a plea to the frontman, who was, as luck would have it, performing in Vegas that same night during his Because We Can tour:

“She might not be marrying Bon Jovi, but the next best option is for her to walk down the same aisle he did 20 good strong years ago so the stage has been set… The Graceland Chapel, Las Vegas Nevada.”

“In Branka’s mind, the wedding gods have come together because JBJ is performing at MGM Grand that same night.… Continue reading

November 3, 2009

Bon Jovi Ticket Prices Cause Stir In The U.K.

Filed under: Bon Jovi,Classic Rock News — Real Rock News on November 3, 2009 (10:16)

Some Bon Jovi fans in the U.K. are not too pleased about the ticket prices for the group’s string of shows at London’s O2 arena next summer. The New Jersey rockers were scheduled to begin the series of performances on June 7th of next year and continue through June 13th, but that has been extended with another nine dates being added after the original five dates sold out. That will bring the group’s “residency” to an end on June 23rd.

It appears there will be an ample supply of fans to make the shows a success, but there is also a vocal group of fans who are sharing their disappointment regarding the ticket prices. Comments have been showing up on various sites, including the band’s own official site.

One fan wrote, “I have been a fan for the past 24 years since I first heard ‘Runaway’ in 6th form common room and today is the saddest day as for the first tour since then I am unable to get tickets due to the ridiculously over stated prices!!!”

Another had this to say: “I have been a MASSIVE Bon Jovi fan since I have been old enough to listen to Music.… Continue reading

August 5, 2009

Sports Mogul Ambitions Fade For Bon Jovi

Filed under: Bon Jovi,Classic Rock News — Real Rock News on August 5, 2009 (09:57)

When it comes to football, it’s a tough challenge taking on the NFL. Football fans seem satisfied with the big-name teams that have been packing stadiums for decades, and efforts to bring new leagues and new versions of the sport to the masses have been mostly unsuccessful.

arena-football Jon Bon Jovi, best known as frontman for the classic rock group that bears his name, was also very involved in the latest failed effort to keep fans interested in another football league. Arena football appears to be headed for extinction, much like the ill-fated USFL and XFL leagues of the past.

Bon Jovi was a majority owner of AFL team the Philadelphia Soul, but at least he can say he had a good run, since his team currently holds the distinction of being the league champions.

The AFL has already suspended its 2009 season and is almost certainly going out of business, but it did manage to last for about 20 years or so, which is not bad compared to the three seasons the USFL played and the one season that wrestling mogul Vince McMahon’s XFL team played.… Continue reading

April 7, 2009

Bon Jovi to ‘Blonde Jovi’: Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

Filed under: Bon Jovi,Classic Rock News — Real Rock News on April 7, 2009 (09:41)

Although I was wondering if this was a late April Fool’s joke when I first read it, apparently this story isn’t one that someone made up to honor that tradition.

As reported by Australian music site Undercover, an all-female tribute band has found themselves in the crosshairs of Bon Jovi’s crack legal team. Never having been a rock star myself, I have know way to know if this is something that the group’s legal eagles do as part of their normal duties without making anyone in the group aware of it or not. That seems unlikely, but I’m no lawyer and have never even been friends with one!

One thing is for sure, however, if they were not aware of it before, they are now.

One would presume that it is well within the group’s power to put a stop to foolishness like this. You know, ring up the suits at “Blakely Sokoloff Taylor And Zafman” and tell them to back off.… Continue reading

March 4, 2009

Aerosmith And Bon Jovi Books Due This Year

Filed under: Aerosmith,Bon Jovi,Classic Rock News — Real Rock News on March 4, 2009 (09:49)

Two legendary classic rock acts will be featured in up-coming book releases during 2009, providing fans with the opportunity to indulge their desire for behind-the-scenes details and maybe even a little dirt sprinkled among the pages of the two new releases.

Aerosmith Essential Interviews The new Aerosmith book is set to hit bookstore shelves in May and appears ready to deliver a treasure trove of information about the Boston-based rockers. Weighing in at nearly 300 pages, there should easily be enough content to keep fans immersed in its pages for a good number of sessions. Aerosmith fans who recall the early days of the group may want to be sure that the prescription for their reading glasses is up-to-date.

Speaking of the early days, the book encompasses 35 years of group’s history, beginning in 1973 with one of their first extensive interviews. Like so many other rockers who discover fame and fortune, their early years were marked by substance abuse problems and rock star sexcapades that one might expect from a group of guys who earned themselves the nickname “The bad boys from Boston.”

Aerosmith: Essential Interviews will be released through Rockreader Books/Lulu on May 17th.… Continue reading

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