Boston Rehearsal Recording Available

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Posted on the official Boston Band web site is a recording from a rehearsal from the band as they prepared for the Brad Delp tribute show that took place last month.

The first part is the familiar sound of one of Boston’s best-known hits, “More Than A Feeling.” Michael Sweet is handling lead vocal duties and doing a pretty good job.

As Tom Scholz points out in his commentary, the recording is a bit rough around the edges and has not been mixed down to get that studio sound you would expect from an album. It’s still interesting to listen to and the sound is certainly not terrible.

I’m not sure what the second half of this recording is but I really got into it when I heard it. It’s kind of a heavy guitar and drums thing and I don’t know if it is something someone wrote or whether they were just jamming around with some stuff. Whatever it was, I like it.

Check out the recording near the bottom of the page on the Boston web site.

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