Boston’s Tom Scholz In New Legal Battle

3 13

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any Boston news, and unfortunately this latest development isn’t something for fans to be excited about, like the announcement of a new album release or something. Even so, news is news, and it is clear that founder Tom Scholz does not care much for people saying things about him that he says are not true.

In a new lawsuit that has been filed in Suffolk County Superior Court, Scholz and his legal team are accusing Beantown newspaper The Boston Herald of libel. According to court documents, Scholz is accusing Herald reporters Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa “falsely reported that Mr. Delp’s ex-wife blamed his suicide on Mr. Scholz.”

The suit goes on to say that Delp’s ex-wife stated under oath that she did not make any statements blaming Scholz for Brad Delp’s suicide.

Legal documents usually make for pretty boring reading, but often contain tidbits of information that may not have been widely disseminated before. Like all lawsuits, the content of this one is based on what the plaintiff claims is true, and it is up to the court to sort it out and and decide what the truth actually is.

The first portion of the suit lays out the evidence that Scholz and his attorneys are using to build their case upon, while the second portion describes the damage they say has been inflicted on Scholz. This is described in part as “…emotional stress, embarrassment and humiliation, the nature of which no reasonable person could be expected to endure and for which Mr. Scholz is entitled to recover.”

No specific amount is mentioned in the lawsuit, instead, it states that Scholz is asking the court to “…award him damages against the Defendants in the amount determined by the jury, plus statutory interest.” The suit does indeed state that a trial by jury is “demanded,” which I can only presume is the usual way such things are stated within the context of a lawsuit.

Perhaps the outcome of this lawsuit will signal the end of the drama that resulted from disputes among some of the original members of the group, and have dragged on for years. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but it would be nice to be able to talk about something positive regarding Boston, a group that earned its place as one of the most successful rock acts to ever emerge from the region.

The entire lawsuit can be viewed on the Boston Globe website.