Broken Ribs Can’t Stop Alice

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In the midst of a show in Redmond, Oregon, something went wrong and veteran shock rocker Alice Cooper wound up on the floor following a bad fall. Some fans may have wondered if it was all part of the show, but even Alice Cooper wouldn’t take things that far, considering the painful result.

Still, Cooper soldiered on and finished the show, while likely experiencing significant discomfort.

image In the following days, Cooper continued working but the persistent pain in his side finally convinced him that he should seek medical help. An exam revealed that he had a broken rib and some amount of injury to a ligament.

Not surprisingly, Cooper was advised that he should rest up for a few weeks and give his injuries a chance to heal. But apparently, that’s not and act that’s part of Alice Cooper’s routine.

The show must go on, and that is exactly the way Cooper is handling it. He continues to perform, and who knows, being on stage in front of cheering fans just may be the best therapy for a guy like Alice Cooper.

He’s obviously a person that loves what he does and shows a high level of dedication to his fans. Remember, we’re not talking about a 25-year-old rock wild man, we’re talking about a 60-year-old veteran of the industry who is obviously not a guy that’s easy to knock out of the game. When your 60 years old, the healing process take a bit longer than when you’re 25 or 30.

A week or so earlier, Cooper was doing a video shoot in East Los Angeles when that earthquake rocked the area.

Coopers response?

"Whoa, this is more powerful than I thought! I hope they keep it! You can’t get special effects like that," he was quoted as saying.

Rock on Alice, rock on.

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