Chickenfoot Leaks Short Sample Track on The Net

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Newly-minted supergroup Chickenfoot, has made a short sample of their sound available on their as-yet-unfinished website. The new group, which is comprised of Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith is working on the completion of their debut album which is supposed to be released sometime this year.

The track is pretty short, just under a minute long, which makes it hard to form an opinion, but I did like the mix quite a lot. To my ears everything sounded nice and clean, and about where it should be – nice guitar and drum sound.chicken-foot

It’s definitely got a hard rock feel to it, and I am rather looking forward to hearing more of what these guys have been working on. I’m not sure about “supergroup” status just yet, but this short track sounds promising.

Hagar reports that the chemistry among the members of the group is the best he has ever experienced, even when compared with Montrose and Van Halen.

As for the name Chickenfoot, there was some talk a while back that the name was just temporary until they were able to come up with something better. The fact that the name of their new website is Chickenfoot, makes one wonder if the name has grown on them and have decided to stick with it.

Check out the sample track on the group’s website.

For more, see Blabbermouth.


  1. littlesallysanctus February 7, 2009 at 9:59 am

    the short track was wonderful—-an indication of the best is yet to come

    very very nice

    but and dont hate me for this the name chickenfoot is the biggest turn off for a name that i’ve heard in a long time. for me personally it reminds me of the dread “chicken dance” that people play at weddings when things get slow and people are smashed and bizzarly it also reminds me of how they named the goofey kid at our high school that should have been named “goofey” cause he just looked like the cartoon character “goofey” instead because he entered a wing eating contest they named him chickenwing——-please please for God sake and music lovers sake stay together and play and play but reconsider the name and of course let me do your album art i have a great one called darkwing duck lol best of luck

  2. A. Susin March 15, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    I agree with littlesallysanctus. Please reconsider the name. Nonetheless; Chickenfoot will be the penultimate band (next to Van Halen of all eras that is). When I heard of the membership, it made my decade. I know you won’t dissapoint. Ciao.

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