Classic Rock Briefs For November 25, 2008

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Son of Mick Jagger Lands Role In Film

James Jagger, the 23-year-old-son of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has taken his acting career to the next level. He’s been cast in a movie about the life of Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, the renowned composer.

The young Jagger, who was born to Mick Jagger’s ex-wife Jerry Hall, studied acting at Cambridge in the U.K. and is set to portray one of Vivaldi’s pupils, Alessandro Grimani. The movie, Vivaldi – The Red Priest is set for release sometime next year. Full Story.

AC/DC Sneaks One By The Gatekeepers

As far as I know, this is the first time something like this has been done – at least by a group a well-known group. It is being called “The world’s first music video in an Excel spreadsheet.”

As someone who spent more than a few years inside a corporate cubicle, I am well familiar with the barriers that companies place on their internet connections that restrict access to sites and content that they do not want their employees accessing on company time.AC/DC Rocks Microsoft Excel

One could certainly argue that any business has the right to restrict the way their internet connection is used by employees, even so stop some employees from attempting to devise methods that will allow them to bypass company firewalls and surf to their heart’s content. Those tricks are usually reserved for the more tech savvy employees (not that I would know!), which leaves most employees without access to some sites while on the job.

One group feels their pain. AC/DC has employed a creative geek somewhere who has managed to embed the video from the new song “Rock N Roll Train” in a Microsoft Excel file.

Now don’t expect the full-color version or even actual video footage from this Excel file, but it does make some very clever use of what might be described as ASCII video, which is accompanied by an abbreviated version of the song which actually sounds quite good.

So, if you are an AC/DC fan trapped behind a company firewall who badly needs a little dose of AC/DC to get you through the day, downloading this Excel file might be worth a shot. Just make sure you use headphones or keep the volume low enough so that the boss won’t overhear it if you manage to snag it.

An Excel file certainly seems to be something that you would expect employees to download for legitimate business reasons, so unless your company has blocked access to the AC/DC site, the odds are pretty good that you can grab your copy and snicker a little at the trolls that lurk beneath the bridge that connects your workplace to the net.

To find out if you can trick the gatekeepers, try the download direct from the AC/DC website.

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