Classic Rock Reunions: Is Supertramp Next?

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Van Halen. Led Zeppelin. Supertramp? This is one reunion I would love to see, and, believe it or not, actually go see if a reunited Supertramp was playing anywhere near me.

That statement, admittedly coming from an 50-ish guy who does not have much patience for screaming crowds and lousy sound, is based on my experience at a Supertramp concert in Boston back around the early 1980’s.

That concert was the single most amazing concert experience of my life and that is due to one thing and one thing only: sound. The sound was astoundingly fantastic and to this day, I still can’t imagine how they pulled it off. The chance of that happening again would be enough to get me back in a concert hall to see a Supertramp show.

hodgson Roger Hodgson, perhaps the best-known member of the group and writer behind the vast majority of Supertramp’s big hits, is reported to be quite interested in a reunion with his old bandmates. Any reunion, however, would not be without its conditions.

Although Hodgson officially left the band back in 1983 to spend more time with family, it is well known that he and Rick Davies were not getting along well at that time. That was due to the fact that Davies’ wife was managing the band and certain members of the band were not too happy about those circumstances.

As a condition of any reunion, Davies’ wife would not be allowed to manage the band. With a likelihood that Davies would not approve of any management with close ties to Hodgson, they would most likely seek an neutral party to manage the band if there was any hope of them getting along.

Hodgson recently returned to his native England and is touring on his own and apparently having a good time of it. As the writer responsible for almost all of Supertramp’s hit songs, he is still performing some of them as part of his show in addition to his other material.

There is a band calling itself Supertramp that is still together and still includes Rick Davies, but without those old Supertramp classics and the fellow who wrote and performed them with the band, the current Supertramp just isn’t Supertramp to me.

You can be sure I will be following any new developments concerning a Supertramp reunion very closely and will post anything related that may come out.

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