Diamond Dave And Peanuts Get Along Just Fine

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Don’t you love the way crazy stories and rumors about celebrities spread across the net like wildfire? A few days, it was reported here that David Lee Roth of Van Halen was stopped by police in Ontario, Canada for erratic driving and was found to be suffering from a severe allergic reaction to nuts.

image Well, it turns out that the guy that was stopped by police up there was not Diamond Dave at all, and may have been an imposter, or perhaps just a nut who also happens to be allergic to nuts.

On the night in question, the real David Lee Roth was working with the band in Madison Square Garden, a substantial distance from Ontario.

Apparently, the cops who stopped the ailing imposter were more concerned with his health emergency than they were with obtaining his ID, which seems understandable under the circumstances.

It is also been reported that the real Diamond Dave is not allergic to nuts, does not drive himself (he has a driver) and does not wear flashy clothing unless he is performing.

The original story was circulated by many major media sources, but the real story is out now and being circulated nearly as quickly as the first one.

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