Don Henley on The Eagles’ Falling Chips

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Being known as a band that is not shy about speaking their minds, The Eagles are stirring up a bit of controversy with some of the content on their latest album, Long Road Out of Eden.

In a recent interview at the County Music Awards where the veteran country rockers performed, Don Henley reacts to the success of the new album and answers questions about how the members of the image group are getting along these days, as well as about their deal with Wal-Mart to be the exclusive distributor of the new album.

Reported to be a “true southern gentleman,” Henley does not lose his cool but is probably a bit more passionate about some of the subjects covered in the interview than he lets on. He’s obviously not fond of the conflicting things that are sometimes said in the media with regard to the group, like referring to them as “mellow” and “cynical” at the same time.

When asked about the exclusive deal with Wal-Mart, Henley hastens to mention that Wal-Mart has in place a new “green” initiative with the stated purpose of making the giant retailer more ecologically responsible.

With a reputation as an environmentalist, this move on the part of Wal-Mart must have played a very significant role in the band’s decision to approve the deal that was offered.

There was also mention of a possible tour next year as well as a statement by Henley indicating that the latest album is “probably” the last one the group will ever do. That being the case, the group decided to say exactly what they wanted to say with this album and “let the chips fall where they may.”

For the entire interview, including video, check out the CNN website.

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