Drummer Extraordinarie Neil Peart Releases Instructional DVD

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A lot of young drummers are probably pretty excited about the release of this new DVD. Considered by neil peart dvdmany to be one of the best rock drummers of all time, it’s hard to imagine a better person to take instruction from when it comes to the drum solo.

As someone who once owned a drum kit that was patterned after the one Peart was playing at the time (we’re talking 20 years ago), I could easily understand the kind of excitement a DVD like this could create for aspiring rock drummers.

Call me weird (you would not be the first), but even when I was more active as a drummer, I was never much of a solo guy. I always found a well-placed fill much more satisfying than a solo, whether or not I happen to behind or in front of the drums at the time.

If I was still playing, I would probably order up a copy of this new DVD and see what Neil has to say on the subject. Even though I was never into solos, I’m sure there are some tidbits in there that could be used to improve almost anyone’s performance.

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