Eagles To Perform At London’s O2 Arena

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The Eagles have recently announced plans to do four shows at London’s O2 Arena in March. The dates are as follows: March 20, 22, 23 and 26.

No doubt I’m stereotyping a bit here but why do I have a hard time envisioning a stadium chock full of British fans tapping their toes to the Eagles’ country rock sound?

I guess we Americans tend to have a picture in our minds of our British image friends as a bit “proper” and not the type that would find the Eagles’ sound appealing. Clearly, that is not the case if the group is confident enough to schedule four dates.

Although I might be a bit surprised, I think it’s actually cool that the Eagles have such a broad appeal. More power to them. And to their fans across the pond as well.

The Eagles last performed in the United Kingdom back in 2006 during their “Farewell I Tour,” which makes one wonder when the world might expect the “Farewell II” tour I suppose.

The current tour, in support of the Eagles’ latest album, Long Road Out of Eden, will include some of the more well-worn Eagles songs like Hotel California, Desperado, Take It To The Limit, Life In The Fast Lane and Take It Easy in addition to the new material.

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