Edgar Winter Aims To Revive Classic Sound of The 70’s With New Album

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Can anyone who listened to the radio during the 1970’s possibly forget the legendary hits “Free Ride” and “Frankenstein” by the Edgar Winter Group? During the peak of its popularity, I recall a period when it seemed as if “Frankenstein” was being aired at least once every hour on the radio stations I was listening to at the time.

Edgar Winter seems to miss the old days, and I guess when I comes to music, there are a few of us who feel the same way. Winter’s new album Rebel Road. Inspired by his work on Ringo Starr’s “All Starr Band” a couple of years ago, Winter decided to do something about the lack of music which embodies the same spirit of freedom that so much of the music from the 1970’s represented to him.

Rebel Road features a few well-known performers who lent their talents to the effort, including Slash, former lead guitar man for Guns N’ Roses, country music star Clint Black and Edgar’s brother Johnny, whom Edgar has been jamming with since their teenage years.

Winter seems to be quite pleased with the final result of the work that was put into Rebel Road, and has high praise for both Slash, who plays lead guitar on the title track, and Clint Black, a fellow Texan who helped bring a little country sound to the album.

I think there’s little doubt that Edgar Winter considers himself a bit of a rebel and certainly does not consider himself a mainstream kind of guy, and as he points out in the video interview below from Living Legends Music, definitely “not a nine-to-fiver”

I don’t think many people would argue with him on that point.

Rebel Road was released on July 8 on the Airline Records label.

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