For Kim Mitchell Life Really Is Amazing

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Kim Mitchell sounds like a happy guy these days. And why not? He’s got a brand new album that he says he is proud of “top to bottom” and a job that he describes as one “one of the coolest jobs in the world.” I’d be hard pressed to argue with that.

Life has taken some unexpected turns for Mitchell lately and fortunately for him, all of them seem to be in the right direction.

In a recent interview, he talks about his new album as well as how he got started in music as a kid taking guitar lessons.aint-life-amazing

The radio gig he took not long ago was part of his plan to settle down a bit, and as he put it, “maybe moving to a small town somewhere to teach little kids guitar and maybe date their moms, single moms.”

Somewhere along the way he was bitten, or perhaps I should say re-bitten by the writing bug and he found himself writing music again. This, as Kim Mitchell fans appreciate, turned into Mitchell’s latest album, Ain’t Life Amazing.

Like myself, and probably most of the other people reading this, Kim Mitchell appears to be a die-hard classic rock fan and says that he does not listen to a lot of new rock. I don’t wonder why — so much of the new stuff these days is just crap.

He does not provide any hints in this interview regarding his intentions to keep writing or whether this might be his last album. Maybe he doesn’t even know yet! Here’s hoping he has a few more left in him before he calls it quits.

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