Former Van Halen Bass Player Takes The High Road

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It’s nice to see someone take the high road — especially someone so connected to a band that has spawned so much news about bad break-ups and feuds through the years.

Former Van Halen bass player Michael Anthony has revealed that he was not invited to be part of the Van Halen reunion. Whether that’s because of his association with former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar is something that may only be known by the members of the ‘new’ Van Halen.

When asked about being replaced by Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang, Anthony said that Wolfgang  is a “great kid” and “should do just fine.” Kudos to Michael Anthony for not mud-slinging and acting like the spoiled rock star.

Anthony continues to tour with Sammy Hagar and reveals that Hagar had told him that he would be fine with it if Anthony was invited to be part of the Van Halen reunion.

Despite Michael Anthony’s good-natured comments about not being included in the ‘new’ Van Halen, there have been reports that the other side has not been so kind to him.

There was word that Anthony’s picture was removed from some album artwork on the band’s web site that was then quickly restored to it’s original condition after fan complaints flooded in.

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