Jimmy Page Rocks on With or Without Led Zeppelin

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Much like his former band mate John Paul Jones, who seems to be having a good time with his new group Them Crooked Vultures, guitarist Jimmy Page seems determined to keep on making music one way or another.

As the doubts about a Led Zeppelin reunion remain, Page has apparently decided to quit waiting around and get back to work. After their famed reunion show at London’s O2 arena a couple of years ago, reports indicated that both Page and Jones were open to the idea of a Led Zeppelin reunion, but Robert Plant has remained firmly noncommittal.

Page has begun talking about the new solo album he has started working on that he states will be “radical.” There is also talk of doing some touring, with Page possibly forming up a hard rock trio. It appears that Page is still kicking ideas around and has not yet made any firm plans regarding a new band or tour dates.

Page is the last of the surviving members of Led Zeppelin to get back into the music business – at least as far as recording and performing live are concerned. Robert Plant’s collaboration with Alison Krauss and John Paul Jones’ signing on as part of Them Crooked Vultures proves that the legendary rockers still have plenty of music in them, and are not quite ready to fade away into the annals of music history.

Page says that he has no negative feelings towards Plant for failing to agree to a Led Zeppelin reunion, and says that he and Plant actually get along quite well, adding that he believes that the album that Plant and Krauss recorded is “really good.”

There are bound to be a significant number of fans who would like to see Page, Plant and Jones team up and try to capture some of that old Zep magic, as well as others who would much rather leave well enough alone and let the memory of the group live on as it is.

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash seems to fall within the latter category, and has recently weighed in with his thoughts on the topic of a Led Zeppelin reunion.

Despite the rave reviews, and magic of the O2 show, Slash feels that forming up the remaining members of the group would diminish the significance of that performance. He told Britain’s GQ magazine, “When Robert Plant said he didn’t want to tour after the comeback show, I thought that was the right thing. It was a special night, so why ruin it?”

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  1. Debra Libby November 7, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    I would love nothing more then to see the very band that played in a big part of my life with their music reunite!!!I’m very disappointed in Robert Plants decision not to join Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones!! I think if John Bonham could send a message to them, it would be to play in his memory!!!!!!!!!

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