Jon Anderson On The Mend And Gearing Up For Solo Show

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The lead singer of one of my favorite bands has decided to try his hand at doing a solo show, in Hawaii of all places. Not that it isn’t a great place to do a show, just not a venue you hear about all that often.

Jon Anderson of the off-again, on-again progressive rock group Yes, was inspired by a gift he received from his wife: A MIDI guitar.

I must admit that I have not ever heard of a MIDI guitar before, although I am familiar with MIDI. Apparently, Anderson has been having a great deal of fun playing with this new toy and as a result, found the confidence and inspiration to do a solo show.

For the full story, you can check out this article, which also fills in the details of Anderson’s accident during the holidays when he fell off a ladder and broke his back while hanging Christmas lights at his California home.

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