Journey Finds Their New Lead Singer

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Now here’s a story that should keep aspiring YouTube performers in front of their video cameras. One of the best-known classic rock groups of all time, Journey, has hired a new lead singer and they found him, yes, you guessed it, on YouTube!

This is the classic “dream come true” story featuring Arnel Pineda, a singer from the Philippines who was singing with a band called The Zoo. A band that was known for singing songs by Journey.

Hearing that name, I would more expect a Scorpions cover band, but I suppose it can work for these guys as well. The name sure didn’t seem to hurt Pineda’s chance to make it big.

Frustrated with the lack of a lead singer after the departure of Jeff Scott Soto earlier in the year, guitarist Neil Schon decided to spend some quality time on YouTube searching for the right singer.After hours of searching and nearly throwing in the towel, Schon stumbled onto the video of The Zoo performing “Faithfully,” and was convinced he had found Journey’s new singer.

As you can see from the accompanying YouTube video of Journey’s new front man, the dude can sing. Although he is not quite the same Steve Perry shoe-in that Steve Augeri was, to my ears he certainly sounds enough like Perry to pull this off.

Pineda comes to the group at the right time it seems. Journey is currently working on a new album that they hope to release sometime next spring or summer.