Kim Mitchell Gets Back In The Record Business

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Regular readers know that I cannot pass up a chance to talk about one of my all-time favorite rockers, Kim Mitchell — the rock n’ roll wild man that once fronted Canadian rock group Max Webster. A band that never quite received the attention I thought it deserved here in the U.S.

This new article on a Toronto-based web site offers some insight into the history of Mitchell’s career and his decision to get back into the recording business. His new album, Ain’t Life Amazing, will be in stores on July 17.

After spending some time as a rock jock at Toronto classic rock radio station Q107, Mitchell decided that it was time to start writing music again, and after some friends helped convince him, he decided to turn his creations lose on the world in the form of a new album.

It appears that a new Kim Mitchell web site is now online and offers up more Kim Mitchell info, including concert dates and other news of interest to fans. If you’re an aging rock fan like me however, keep your reading glasses handy before visiting the site because their chosen font is impossibly small. I guess you can also crank up the font size using your browser setting to keep from going blind while trying to catch up with the latest Kim Mitchell news.

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