Led Zeppelin-Bonnaroo Rumors Renewed

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One element that surely isn’t lacking in just about any story concerning Led Zeppelin these days is confusion. This is especially true when it comes to talk of Led Zeppelin playing at the Bonnaroo festival this summer in Tennessee.

It appears that a recent press release announcing, in part,  that the all-girl Led Zeppelin tribute group, Lez Zeppelin, was booked to play at Bonnaroo has breathed new life into a rumor that surfaced a while back stating that the surviving members of the original Led Zeppelin would be at Bonnaroo. You can see the Associated Press story here unless they revise it or remove it at some point.

This story from a few days ago provides a bit more detail regarding this most recent episode of Led Zeppelin confusion and how it fooled quite a few major news publications into publishing big news about Led Zeppelin appearing at the music festival in June.

plant-krauss As reported recently, Robert Plant is pretty well occupied with plans to tour with Alison Krauss and that will not be wrapping up until September. Plant and Krauss are booked for Bonnaroo, so I guess one might say that there is a little truth to the Zeppelin rumors since the legendary frontman will indeed appear. It’s probably safe to assume that the festival will not be rocking to the sounds of “Kashmir” or “Stairway To Heaven,” however.

In other Zeppelin news, it is being reported that Todd Rundgren checked in recently with some comments about the possibilities of any Led Zeppelin world tour. Rundgren is quoted as saying that Robert Plant would likely become involved in a Led Zeppelin tour only for the money and hinted that Plant probably does not have a lot of desire to belt out Zeppelin songs which are an octave or so higher than the stuff he has been doing since the group disbanded back in 1980.

At this point the world continues to wait for any kind of official announcement regarding a genuine Led Zeppelin tour. You can be sure the news to that effect will appear here just as soon as I hear about it.

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