Led Zeppelin Launches New Website

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In another move that seems to be bringing the super group closer and closer to “something,” Led Zeppelin announced the arrival of their brand-new new official website.

Someone in the band’s employ said “Ledzeppelin.com will be the led-zeppelin-website ultimate online destination for all Led Zeppelin fans, old and new. As well as keeping the world up to date on Led Zeppelin’s activities, the site will give fans a chance to explore the band’s history and music within a goldmine of information, photos, official merchandise and audio-visual media.”

A few early reports from fans who have visited the site were quite favorable. I took a quick peek at the site and it looks pretty slick, although I must admit I am a little sick of waiting for these Flash-bloated band sites to load in my browser.

I if had more time to kill, I may have poked around the site a bit more, and I’m sure dedicated Led Zeppelin fans the world over will do just that. It’s Thanksgiving here in the states, so that should give some U.S.-based Zep fans a little extra time to kill exploring the new site.

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