Led Zeppelin Still On The Fence

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It appears that the smashing success of the O2 Show was not enough to make the boys from Led Zeppelin make any immediate plans to tour. With Robert Plant’s well-known intention to tour with Alison Krauss next year, it leaves fans feeling disappointed and uncertain about the future of the group.

There are, however, some fresh rumors stirring things up a bit. One of them being that the group is considering a show at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium in the U.K. A stadium official reports that he has been talking to Led Zeppelin promoter Harvey Goldsmith.image

Yet more rumors have surfaced about a possible show in Ireland, where the group played their legendary hit, “Stairway To Heaven” live for the first time 36 years ago. Negotiations are reportedly underway between the group and the promoter whose father brought the group to Belfast in 1971.

Recent comments by Jason Bonham don’t shed much light on any plans the group has to tour. As the “new guy,” he’s keeping his place and allowing the original members to call the shots. Although he does say he would love to love to be a part of it if plans materialize for more performances.

In other Led Zep news, the fact that ticket stubs from the O2 show are being sold demonstrates what a major event that was. It has been reported that these stubs have been selling for as much as $250. Wow, that sounds like a lot even for a ticket that has not been used already!

If you find yourself lusting after any Led Zeppelin memorabilia from the O2 Show, it is reportedly showing up on eBay these days. Just use the link below (“Led Zeppelin Gear”) to check out the current offerings.

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