Led Zeppelin Tour: Will They or Won’t They?

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The Led Zeppelin tour rumors have tilted back towards “No we won’t”
yet again as recent reports state that the group is denying any plans for a tour next year.

Leaving the door open a bit, the group has officially said that “no decision has been made” with regard to any plans for a tour following the O2 Show in London on December 10.

Led Zeppelin tour rumors were intensified recently by a report that lead singer for The Cult, Ian Astbury, made a claim during a show in Cincinnati that they would be returning to the city next year as an opener for Led Zeppelin.

In response, a Led Zeppelin spokesman joked that perhaps Astbury was confused and meant to say that they will be opening for Limp Bizkit instead of Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin fans must be in fear of suffering from whiplash at this point. These on-again-off-again tour rumors have been coming fast and furious and probably will continue until the group comes out with a definitive statement about their plans following the O2 Show.

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