Led Zeppelin’s Secret Rehearsals

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Led Zep guitar man Jimmy Page has recently talked publicly about the groups secret rehearsals that were set up to test the waters a bit and see how the group would play together.

image Page, who is currently nursing a broken finger, talked a little bit about their disappointment with their last performance together back in 1988 where they wound up playing with a drummer they had never met before and and then had to perform with Phil Collins whom they had never played with before.

In further describing the performance at “Live Aid,” Page calls it “shambolic,” which I must admit, is a new word for me. As you might expect, it is another way of saying that the show as a shambles, or something to that effect.

Obviously, Page is quite determined to avoid suffering through an experience like that again and has assured fans recently that the group is well prepared to put on a good show.

Describing the feeling of playing together again as “exhilarating,” Page sounds like he’s really looking forward to the upcoming show, which makes me wonder if he’s got plans to experience more exhilaration sometime soon by embarking on a tour like all the recent rumors have been suggesting.

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