Meat Loaf Video Interview on Fox News

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Meat Loaf took some time from his schedule recently to spend a few minutes talking to Greta Van Susteren from Fox News.

With the release of his new movie, Meat Loaf, In Search of Paradise, he’s apparently out making the rounds to promote it on the various news programs.

The man best know for Bat Out of Hell talks about how he ended up with the name Meat Loaf, his pre-show rituals and provides the answer to the question that seemed to be the most important one of the whole interview: “What would you do for love?”

For the answer and the motivation behind the question, check out the interview at the Fox News website.

In other Meat Loaf news, the singer’s home was recently featured in an issue of Architectural Digest. Judging from the pictures that are posted on this blog, I’d say he’s living pretty comfortably.

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