More Predictions About Post-show Led Zeppelin Reunion

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This time veteran rock journalist Ritchie Yorke checks in with his reasons that we should not be expecting any kind of tour or reunion after Led Zep’s London O2 show next month.

Yorke has been covering the band for a considerable amount of time. Enough time to have been selected as the MC introducing the band’s Toronto shows back in the day. Yorke is also the author of Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography. Obviously, the guy’s got some history with the band.

Ritchie Yorke is sounding quite sure that there is no reason for Zeppelin fans to expect much zep beyond the show next month. Among his reasons are that the guys do not need the money, which is certainly quite easy to believe. As one of the best-known rock bands of all time, these guys have raked in a lot of cash and are probably still raking it in from the albums and other stuff that is still being sold. How much money does a guy need?

His other point is that the guys “value far too deeply the extent of their creative contributions to rock ‘n’ roll to jeopardise it.” I guess only those who know the guys personally will know how true that is, but it certainly sounds reasonable.

Robert Plant joked not long ago about the number of doctors that would be required if a reunited Led Zeppelin were to embark on a world tour. It’s no secret that it is a lot harder to rock at age 60 that it is when you are 30-something and perhaps they feel they might not be able to hold up well enough on tour to live up to the standard set back in the old days.

You’ve got to admit, if your quite wealthy and 60 years old, the thought of flying around the world performing rock music on stage might not be very appealing.

On the plus side, bassist John Paul Jones reports during his interview with Yorke that he is very pleased with the sound of the band during rehearsal and described it as “tight.” He goes on to assure Yorke that the band is very committed to making the upcoming show a good one and that they are taking it very seriously.

Sounds like there is a good deal of confidence on the part of the performers about this show and those lucky few with tickets may be set to witness quite an event. Perhaps the last time these guys will perform together on stage. We’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. Kentroversy October 30, 2007 at 10:14 am

    I cannot go to the show, as I did not get selected for tickets. However, I wonder WHY there are no plans to do a DVD of this show?! The oodles of money that would come flying in to the Ahmet Ertegun Education Foundation (a very worthy cause for musicians who might never have a chance to learn) would make this a most successful endeavor.

    The website got ONE BILLION HITS in a like a week!

    Sales of those DVD’s would further benefit the cause, as well as giving us fans who cannot be there a chance to see the show (albeit in our home theatre on DVD, and NOT live at the venue).

    Buffalo, NY USA

  2. RealRockNews October 30, 2007 at 10:30 am

    Excellent point, Kent.

    There is little doubt that a DVD of that show would be a hot seller.

    I’d like a chance to see it as well. Especially if it is going to be as good as JPJ seems to be expecting it to be.

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