New Klaus Meine Interview

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As Scorpions continue with their current tour, they keep popping up in the interview radar again and again. I give them a lot of credit for taking time out of their schedule to talk to people and keep their fans informed about what’s going on with the group.

Scorpions In this interview, Klaus Meine, Scorpions frontman talks a little about the concept behind their latest album, Humanity: Hour 1 and also about how they teamed up with Desmond Child to produce the album.

As many fans know already, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins makes a guest appearance on the track known as “The Cross.” Meine reports that Corgan has been a big Scorpions fan for some time and it was kind of a happy accident that came about when Corgan was working in the same Studio at the same time Scorpions were.

The interview was conducted by telephone as the Scorpions tour visited Brazil, but Meine mentioned that the band hopes to hit the U.S. “big time” with a tour next year. That should give Scorpions fans here something to look forward to.

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