New Live Meat Loaf DVD Hits Stores Today

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Shot at the Stadthalle Offenbach, Bat Out of Hell: The Original Tour catches the raw exhilaration of Meat Loaf’s colossal bat-out-of-hell-the-original-tour-dvdstage performance. Larger-than-life songs such as “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)” and “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” sounded utterly extravagant performed live.

Not only does Meat Loaf totally command the stage, but he also enthralls his audiences with the gripping nature of his material, with the assistance of the album’s songwriter Jim Steinman and female singer Karla DeVito. Its visual validation of the power of Bat Out Of Hell, which was certified 10x Platinum and sold over 40 million copies. Also included on the DVD is a bonus interview from 1978 with Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman.

The DVD was filmed during Meat Loaf’s 1977 tour and features most of his major hits such as “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” and “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad.” At the time, the band included Bruce Kulick who would go on to play guitar for KISS, something which results in some of the material coming off a bit heavier in concert.

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