New Report Says Van Halen Tour Will Continue

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Music mainstay is reporting that they have been in contact with sources from within the Van Halen organization and the word is that the tour will continue and has not been canceled as reported elsewhere.

new-van-halen The show that was scheduled for tonight in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center is being postponed, however, and has been rescheduled for April 24.

Billboard’s sources have reported that the next date of the tour schedule will be on March 11 in Charlottesville, West Virginia, and that a press release from the group will be released within 24 hours with the official word on the status of the tour.

The news of the tour’s cancellation came by way of the celebrity gossip website yesterday and has spread very quickly through the media.

Let’s hope this does not turn into another Led Zeppelin situation with the back-and-forth business of yes they will (tour) – no they won’t!

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