News of Rolling Stones World Tour Leaked

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Reports from the U.K. indicate that the Rolling Stones have plans to embark on a world tour sometime next year. Perhaps it is not surprising to learn that the source of the leaked information was Ron Wood’s 20-year-old girlfriend, Ekaterina Ivanova.

The U.K. tabloids have kept the couple in their crosshairs since the Rolling Stones guitarist left his wife of two decades to shack up with the Russian beauty during the summer of 2008. The couple has reportedly endured a somewhat rocky relationship, with reports of knock-down-drag-out domestic disputes, and disagreements on the subject of children.

Although Ivanova is said to be keen on the idea of becoming a mom, Wood is reportedly dead set against the notion, and at the age of 62, it’s hard to blame the guy.

Now it seems that Ivanova has landed herself in hot water with Ron again, and it’s quite likely that the rest of the Stones are not too thrilled with her either. Although she was instructed not to tell anyone about the plans for the 2010 world tour, she seemed unable to prevent herself from sharing the news with a few friends. From there, the news made its way to the pages of The Sun.

With recent word that Rod Stewart has decided to sit out an upcoming 2010 Faces tour, the Stones alleged plans for a tour next year make one wonder if the Faces might be minus yet another member as they work out the details of their road trip.

With the Stones last tour, A Bigger Bang, netting them nearly $500 million between 2005 and 2007, another tour may be well worth Wood’s time, in light of the hefty divorce settlement that resulted from his split with ex-wife Jo. The settlement is one that is likely to make a significant dent in his savings account.

Whether his new squeeze will be an integral and influential force on tour as his former wife Jo was is doubtful, given the history of their relationship thus far.

Although no specific dates or venues are yet known, perhaps that information will be revealed soon, since the secret is now out regarding the tour. Stones fans the world over are probably anxious to hear if the legendary rockers will be featured at a venue in their vicinity.

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