No New Album From AC/DC Quite Yet (Fake)

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Update: I have been hearing that the e-mail that went out and is quoted below is a fake. After a little investigation, it appears that may be true. The e-mail appears to come from a Yahoo! email-account, which one would surely not expect to see on a message coming from Sony Music.

I’m going to leave this here just a reminder for myself to check my facts better before posting something here. Fool me once… Well, you probably know how that goes…

Evidently, the rock rumor mill has churned up a rumor that AC/DC was set to release a new album in January. I received word today that this particular rumor is unfounded.

An e-mail from Sony Music states that “Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd don’t have an album coming out in January.”

It goes on to indicate that the new album is planned but is nowhere close to being released. In fact, they have not even started recording yet and no date has yet been set when recording will begin.

It was also reported that the tentative title of the record is “Dirty Rhythm” and Mutt Lange is in talks to produce. The band hope to start touring next winter.

The closing line of the e-mail says “Please, be patient,” which sounds like a pretty good idea for the time being. Hang on AC/DC fans, it sounds like a new album is indeed on the way, but not quite yet.

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  1. Z April 21, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    It’s official- AC/DC is in Vancouver working on a new album due out later this year- see the AC/DC official site

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