October 13, 2013

Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular

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A Winning Combination of Classic Rock and Amazing Laser Show

Mystic Lake Casino, which is known for providing the best bingo experience in Minnesota, recently brought Pink Floyd’s music back to life through an amazing laser light and music show. British rock band Pink Floyd was formed in 1965 and continued to release many classic hits like “Wish You Were Here”, “Money”, “Comfortably Numb”, and “Another Brick in the Wall” until 1995.pink-floyd-laser-show

Pink Floyd’s unique combination of psychedelic and progressive rock gained them many followers including bingo players. In fact, there’s a game called Pink Floyd Bingo that has the same rule as that of cheekybingo’s 90-ball format. The only difference is that the cards are filled with songs of Pink Floyd instead of numbers. The winners of this kind of bingo usually take home CDs, DVDs, and other Pink Floyd memorabilia. A good prize idea will be tickets to the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular’s upcoming shows.

The audience including the bingo players of Mystic Lake Casino experienced an out-of-this-world audiovisual trip that featured the music of legendary band Pink Floyd and Laser Spectacular’s jaw-dropping light effects. This show has been touring for more than 25 years already and continues to relive the music of Pink Floyd in their own unique way. According to the producer of the show, “Pink Floyd’s music is very dramatic and visual. Now imagine using lasers, lighting, video and other special effects to interpret what your mind is seeing and that is why people love this show so much.”

If you missed the show at Mystic Lake Casino, then make sure to buy tickets to the upcoming shows of Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular or maybe play Pink Floyd Bingo for a chance to win some tickets. Check their official website for the tour schedule.

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  1. Asked about jamming with Zappa, Nick Mason has this to say in 1973:
    “Frank Zappa is really one of those rare musicians that can play with us. The little he did in Amougies was terribly correct. But he’s the exception. Our music and the way we behave on stage, makes it very hard to improvise with us.”


    Comment by KLEMEN — February 1, 2014 @ 7:41 pm

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