Queen + Paul Rodgers Part Company

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This one isn’t much like the typical rock star departure we so often hear about where a group breaks up or loses a member over “creative differences” or some kind of personality clash. This one appears to be strictly business.

Paul Rodgers, who teamed with Queen back in 2004 will be hitting the road with his old group, Bad Company, for a summer reunion tour.

Rodgers and the remaining members of Queen remain on good terms, and Rodgers does not rule out working with them again some day, mentioning that he would be open to the idea of joining them on stage once again for a charity event or something similar, saying he would be “very much into doing that, for sure.”

After nearly five years, two world tours and an album, Rodgers feels good about what he was able to accomplish with Queen + Paul Rodgers Queen and seems especially glad that he was instrumental in providing fans with an experience that was as close to a live Queen event as possible.

Having seen one of their shows on television some time back, it was clear that it was not Rodgers’ intention to bill himself as “the new Freddie Mercury.” Part of the show was a dedication to the late singer, including video footage of him performing with the group before his untimely death in 1991.

The upcoming Bad Company tour, although a bit brief with only ten dates lined up, seems to be a reversal of the comments made by Rodgers last summer when he joined up with Bad Company for a one-night gig at the Seminole Hard Rock & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. A show that was put together to ensure that the group would be able to retain the legal right to be the exclusive owners of the name Bad Company.

At that time, Rodgers indicated that he had no further plans to work with Bad Company and sounded more interested in continuing to work with Queen as well as dedicate some of his efforts to his solo career. Perhaps the guys got along better than they anticipated when they reunited on stage and decided that it felt good enough to do again.

The live DVD of the show from last year at the Hard Rock will be released on August 8, exactly one year after the performance took place.

June 17th marks the start of this summer’s Bad Company tour, which will begin with a show at a familiar venue: The Seminole Hard Rock & Casino. It has been reported that the group will be joined by the Doobie Brothers for select dates.

For more details, visit Billboard.

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