Rob Halford Interview

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I don’t normally cover metal bands but there’s not much question about the fact that Judas Priest is a “classic” band. In addition, Halford, in this interview talks a little bit about both Led Zeppelin and Van Halen.

I’m also kind of intrigued by the title of their new album, Nostradamus. Sounds like an unusual name choice for an album from a group so well-known for metal like Judas Priest. Maybe it’s just me.

image With regard to the new album, Halford states that it contains some of the greatest metal that the group has ever produced, and, is actually based on the life of Nostradamus, who was a fellow that lived in France some 500 years ago and is regarded by many to have had the ability to look into the future.

Halford goes on to say that the album is being mixed currently and it is expected to be released sometime this year.

He also reveals plans that the group has for a “massive” world tour — perhaps two of them, where the band plans to do a “classic Priest tour” which will include all the JP favorites from years past. All the material from the new album will also be included.

It certainly sounds as if Judas Priest fans have a lot to look forward to this year.

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