Robert Plant Gives Green Light For Led Zeppelin Tour?

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Like so many other Led Zeppelin rumors we have heard over the past nine months or so, one has to wonder if this is just another one that will be shot down by way of a statement from a band spokesman in a day or two. In the meanwhile, I suspect there will be a lot of finger-crossing amongst hopeful fans.

 Led Zeppelin At London's O2 The U.K. tabloid The Sun, is reporting that Robert Plant has finally agreed to join his band mates on a tour which is said to start next summer.

According to The Sun, Plant was beginning to feel the pressure to join the tour when he realized that the other members were serious about embarking on a tour without him. The group was said to be auditioning singers to stand in for Plant on tour.

“When Robert realised the band were serious about doing it without him, it made him think long and hard. He realised he couldn’t face the thought of not being involved. The band were over the moon when he told them the news,” a spokesman was reported to have said.

The rest of the group is said to be extremely happy about Plant’s decision to join them for the tour, and are very anxious to get started. Although the group has been rehearsing and working on some new material without Plant for a while, rehearsals are likely to begin in earnest when Plant is finished touring with country star Alison Krauss.

Reprising his role behind the drums, Jason Bonham, son of original Zeppelin drummer, John “Bonzo” Bonham will be joining the three original members for the tour.

Until an official announcement from the band, fans will just have to wait and see if this report is the real deal or just another rumor that sets them up for disappointment yet again.

For the complete story, check out the source at The Sun.

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