Robert Plant Says Led Zeppelin May Play Again

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According to the May issue of Uncut Magazine, Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant has stated that the group may be considering more shows but not quite at the level of a world tour.

image Talking about their wildly successful show at the O2 Arena in December, Plant says: “Hopefully, one day, we could do it again. Our profit is – it’s metaphysical.”

Led Zeppelin fans the world over are still hoping to hear about plans for a world tour but Plant has certainly been cautious to avoid associating himself with those words.

Assuming his comment above was genuine, and I suppose there is no reason to assume it wasn’t, it appears there is no real temptation for Plant to embark on a tour for the sake of the financial rewards. It was reported recently that Plant turned down $200 Million he was offered to take part in a Led Zeppelin tour.

At this point it is well known that Plant is committed to his tour plans with Alison Krauss and we probably will not be hearing too much about any other Led Zeppelin shows until that tour ends in the fall.

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