Rolling Stones Tour May Be In The Works

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They say that a rolling stone gathers no moss, and if we can assume that’s true, I think it’s also safe to assume that no moss will be seen growing on any members of the Rolling Stones rock group in the near future.

Despite their advanced years, the legendary rockers are not showing any signs that they are ready to settle into retirement.

Reports have surfaced suggesting that the Stones may have a U.S. tour in the works that will kick off sometime later this year. There was some speculation earlier about how any plans for a tour could be delayed by Ron Wood’s involvement with a Faces reunion, but that venture seems to have fallen apart amid reports that the boys were not getting along.

With the possibility of a hefty divorce settlement hanging over his head, guitarist Ron wood is said to be particularly keen on the idea of a tour. The long-enduring popularity of the group will virtually guarantee very impressive profits from another tour.

There is said to be a very good offer on the table for the tour, and it is being seriously considered. Mick Jagger also feels it would be a good way for Ron Wood to “back on his feet" after the recent hard times he has experienced due to his divorce and alcohol problems.

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